The Cheesy

  • 25 Queen Street, Lakefield, ON, Canada
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful land of sparkling rivers and lakes. Many people came from afar to see this magical place, and some, whose hearts were captured by it and by the friendly and wise people who lived there, asked if they might stay and make a life.  The wonderful people said yes and made room, and in one particularly pretty town called Lakefield, a small community grew.  One day the residents of the town and their summer friends got together for a cheese and charcuterie soiree.  Everyone arrived hungry and ready for a glass of cold Pinot Grigio and a selection of delicious fromages.  The only problem was, no one had brought the charcuterie, cheese and wine. However, one enterprising woman high dived into action, shouting over her shoulder to the others as she ran to her car: "I'll be back!"  She had just been on a cheese, charcuterie and wine tour of Ontario and Quebec and her cooler was full of goodies from her travels.  When the people tasted all of the fine foods created by their own talented artisans, they were delightfully astonished!  They asked the woman if she would bring these items to Lakefield so they could enjoy them all the time! She agreed wholeheartedly. And so came the cheese, the charcuterie and the wine that the people would come to love, and the visitors would flock to share!      


We offer cheese, charcuterie, take away dishes and fine foods for sale. Or dine in with us for a cheese plate, charcuterie board and wine or beer! Watch for small group events, like Wine and Paint Night, Wine and French Night and our First Annual Speak Cheesy: Night of Illicit Cheese Tasting!!!

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Contact us to cater your event with charcuterie, cheese, wine and fine foods! Perfect for Pre-Wedding Events, Birthdays, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Team Building Nights, Corporate Functions, Church Meetings, Funerals. We may be able to accommodate you in our space after hours as well! Please contact us!

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